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From both of these points, the two news articles seem to support Dr. The allegation has already sparked speculation about possible successors: The news transcript is as follows for that particular section: A detailed argument of the advantages and disadvantages of analyzing media with a critical political economy approach will also be discussed in this essay.

These groups generally control a high market share in the countries in which they operate, and have gradually emerged through the acquisition of existing channels or by establishing new companies in countries in which they were not already present.

The five core truths have emanated from this movement that analyze and directs progressive forces in this critical juncture.

Overall, the size and wealth of the market determine the diversity of both media output and media ownership. The emergence of major actors operating in this field has been made possible mainly thanks to the process of digitalization and benefit of specific economies of scale.

The results of the monitoring activity in the field of media market concentration identify five countries as facing a high risk: Out of these options, the first one was chosen but the debate on this decision lasted for years. The opinions of its commentators are thus replicated by a multimedia system that makes it extremely easy to spread the point of view advocated by the group.

In practice, sector-specific media concentration rules have been abolished in some European countries in recent years. Only a few companies representing the interests of a minority elite control the public airwaves.

This is blatantly a lie or a misleading statement regarding the facts of Dr. One such limitation referred to the approach shunning away from how audiences and consumers use the mass media. From the graph above it is clear that the Courier Mail has placed more emphasis on the issue.

An example would be the repeated refusal of networks to air "ads" from anti-war advocates to liberal groups like MoveOn. One excellent example drawn by Chandler was the media portrayals of elections composing the power structure in liberal democracies — voting was then seen as an ideological practice that helps to sustain the myth of democracy and political equality.

Also, the use of repetition affects the way the reader will accept or reject the article. A high concentration of the media market increases the chances to reduce the plurality of political, cultural and social points of views.

Croatia, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia and Slovakia. Therefore the minimising modes of dominion ranging from government regulation to privatised control is crucial in shaping audiences mindsets. In conclusion, we have analysed the political and economic forces that shape the media industries, and the forms of regulation government production practices and media output.

One major setback that will arise from such domination is that producers and other related industries can exercise considerable control over the direction of cultural activity of society.

This ranking is primarily due to the limited diversity in media ownership.

Concentration of media ownership

Sectorial legislation has been timid, by express intention of the legislator, by failing to include direct provisions that limit or control the concentration of ownership, which, incidentally, goes in the opposite direction of what happens in countries like France, Italy and the United Kingdom, which are concerned with the plurality and diversity in the new scenario of technological convergence.

In many cases, these groups evolved from being content creators to also deliver such contents through channels renamed after the original brands. These Islamic states put forward a religious view by not just including their nationality but also their religion.

Inthe MPM was carried out in 19 European countries.

These two corporations along with West Australian Newspapers and the Harris Group work together to create Australian Associated Press which distributes the news and then sells it on to other outlets such as the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

As information and entertainment become a major part of our culture, media companies have been creating ways to become more efficient in reaching viewers and turning a profit. It means that "support for the media through direct payment" and "levels of consumers expenditure", furthermore "the availability of advertising support" [Gillian Doyle; Healthy, market-based competition is absent, leading to slower innovation and increased prices.

This line of reasoning takes us to examine a fourth process whereby corporations face a heavy dose of political pressure particularly in the areas of news and current affairs.Sample Essay on News. By Lauren Bradshaw.

The approach comparatively emphasizes the importance of social class in relation to both media ownership and audience interpretation of media texts, which remains an important factor in media analysis.

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Does Ownership Matter in Local Television News?

Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, This difference in perception could be due to newspaper policy, ownership patterns etc. News and News Values. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click on the link.

Concentration of media ownership Senate Committee's final report, released in Juneexpressed concern about the effects of the current levels of news media ownership in Canada.

Specifically, the committee discussed their concerns regarding the following trends: the potential of media ownership concentration to limit news. Free ownership papers, essays, and research papers.

My Account. Your search returned because we live in a "democracy" thus enabling us to choose whether we decide to read a paper or watch the BBC news and therefore have a minority influence.

Argumentative Essay: Handgun Ownership Should Not be Banned - Should handgun. Forms of Ownership Essay United States and Stock Ownership at household stock owning, the statistic for indicate that stock ownership among the wealthiest 10 percent of the population is high and ownership of stock declines significantly among the middle class and is 0 for the lower class.

Media Regulation and Ownership. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd caused the Senate Standing Committee on Transport and Communications to launch a study on Canadian news media in March If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please click .

The ownership of the news essay
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