Smu bba sem 3 summer 2015

Last day for August graduation candidates to change grades of Incomplete. Last day for continuing undergraduate students to change their majors before April enrollment.

Last day to file for graduation in December. Major Religious Holidays August August Listing of religious holidays for use in requesting excused absences according to University Policy 1. Last day of classes.

Academic Year 2015-2016

This encourages workmen participation and they can be permitted to make changes and report the advantages that can be derived from those.

Y sells the following capital assets during the previous year Also, last day to request an excused absence for the observance of a religious holiday. Non listed Shares House property Rs. First day of classes August 5, Friday: Academic Advising, Enrollment and Orientation conferences for new first-year and transfer undergraduate students.

Reward systems may be implemented for recognizing contributions from the workmen. Differentiate between trade discount and cash discount. Classes meet two hours a day, Monday-Friday. The demand and supply position of the places where they are required or produced and the cost of transportation is considered in the model.

Give journal entry for the below problem: Last day for continuing undergraduate students to change their majors before November enrollment. Journalize the following transactions in the books of Balu. Official close of term and conferral of degrees. Mention the importance of sales forecasting?

Students should file for August or December graduation. Last day for August graduation candidates to change grades of Incomplete. Explain in brief any two of them.BBA Semester 3 BBA Semester 4 BBA Semester 5 BBA Semester 6.

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Academic Year ; Summer I Session at SMU-in-Taos. NOTE: The following dates are applicable only for SMU-in-Taos. June 1, Wednesday: Travel day and arrival of students, p.m. June 2, Thursday: First Day of Classes. June 3, Friday: Last day to enroll, add courses and drop courses without grade record.

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Smu bba sem 3 summer 2015
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