Sir syed ahmed khan essay writer

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The demand for Hindi, led largely by Hindus, was to Sir Syed an erosion of the centuries-old Muslim cultural domination of India. In his early career he did his utmost to integrate Indian nations, but the time proved that his spiritualism and ideological change was the exigency of the time. Even such a word as a "liar" will be treated as an abuse to be prohibited.

Syed Ahmad Khan

The British saw this body as a means by which they could hear the views of the educated elite in Indian society. Like the churches of Oxford and Cambridge, there will be mosques attached to each College They believed that acceptance of scientific and technological ideas might undermine Islamic beliefs.

Other Muslims rejected all Western ideas because they were often not in line with Islamic beliefs. In an undivided India under the British rule, he was worried about Muslim backwardness and unwillingness to adopt modern education.

Sir syed ahmed khan essay writing

Sir Syed commented that only when equal educational opportunities were provided could such an idea work. Sir Syed felt that the socio-economic future of Muslims was threatened by their orthodox aversions to modern science and technology.

The Two Nation Theory

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Sir Syed perceived Urdu as the lingua franca of the United Provinces. Near the turn of the 20th century, it began publishing its own magazine and established a law school.

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Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Sir Syed established a modern school in Aligarh and, obtaining support from wealthy Muslims and the British, laid the foundation stone of the Muhammadan Anglo-Oriental College on 24 May He worked towards social and educational upliftment of Muslims so as to enable them to walk shoulder to shoulder with all other communities in India.

The success of the Hindi movement led Sir Syed to further advocate Urdu as the symbol of Muslim heritage and as the language of all Indian Muslims. In a speech to the Indian Association he said: It is necessary that one of them should conquer the other.Introduction: Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Allama Iqbal and Muhammad Ali Jinnah are considered as the key personalities in the history of Muslim nationalism in the sub-continent.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan gave the idea of the two nations, Allama Iqbal dreamed a separate homeland for the Muslims in the basis of this theory and Jinnah made it a reality. Essay on Sir Syed Ahmed Khan. ESSAY FOR THE SUBMISSION OF ALL INDIA SIR SYED DAY ESSAY. Haali- writer of Sir Syed’s biog raphy, HAYAAT-E-J AVED mentioned.

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan Bahadur, GCSI (also Sayyid Ahmad Khan)(Urdu: سید احمد خان بہا در; October 17, – March 27, ), commonly known as Sir Syed, was an Indian educator and politician, and an Islamic reformer and modernist[1][2]. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan was a great Muslim scholar, leader, and writer.

He was the founder of the with great Ali Garh University. He was born on 17 October Sir Syed Ahmed 'Khan Bahadur' was born on 17 October to a Syed family in Delhi, which was the capital of the Mughal Empire.

His family were descendant of Muhammad [14] and then moved to the Indian subcontinent [15] in the ruling times of Mughal emperor Akbar–I. Sir syed ahmed khan essay writing. 26th September by. Expository essay hiv/aids quotes on essay quaid e azam.

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Sir syed ahmed khan essay writer
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