Report on big bazar

They are 21 usually appointed as Departmental Managers. Eliminating the causes of dissatisfaction through hygiene factors would not result in a state of satisfaction.

This allows us to track performance on customer expectation at overall, format and store levels, determine critical improvement areas are all levels and also identify opportunities that we can leverage upon.

With close to 12 million retail outlets India has one of the highest retail densities in the world. It is observed that the organisation hierarchy is professional as all the departmental Managers directly report to the Store Manager who in turn reports to the Zonal Head.

For top level management, employees are recruited through private consultants. Fayol has noted managers at al levels operating in a for profit or not for profit organization, must perform each of the functions of: Kishore Biyani, the Future Group operates through six verticals: Satisfaction and motivation would occur only as a result of the use of motivators.

For any hr activity one of the major activity is recruitment of the employee. The employees accept their responsibilities wholeheartedly, accept that it is their responsibility to carry out a part of the activities of the company and they will be held accountable for the quality of their work.

Off-site activities are encouraged improve inter-personal relationship. Human Resource is one of the critical support functions and forms another key element of the corporate backbone.

They will also be informed about the HR policies and rules of the company.

Report on Big Bazar

It is also very intending to build long-term relationship with all its stakeholders, which is very essential for a successful business venture. This activity is done on a quarterly basis and three best stores under each format are announced.

They believe their focus on customers supported by systems and processes and a committed work force are the key factors that have contributed to our success and will help us scale up as we embark on our strategic growth plan. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company operates over 12 million square feet of retail space, has over stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 35, people.

Out of the Box thinking has become a way of life at Pantaloon Retail and living with the change, a habit. Annual bonus will be given at the time of Diwali. Sources of Recruitment a Consultancy Services: People seeking job usually themselves approach the HR department for job vacancy.

Appreciation of the employee for the work done. This report bears the imprint of many people and without there support it would not have existed. From this it reveals that company is having young and energetic workforce who are very creative, enthusiastic and also very determined to grow in their career and in turn helping the company to grow.

They are asked a few basis questions about their education, previous work experience if any, languages known etc. It works on the same economy model as Wal-Mart and has been successful in many Indian cities and small towns. If they receive a positive opinion from their previous employer they are selected.

Those factors that led to extreme satisfaction with the job. Big Bazaar is the destination where you get products available at prices lower than the MRP, setting a new level of standard in price, convenience and quality.

Candidates who have given their previous employer as referrals are first interviewed and from their previous employer, opinion is taken about their behaviour and performance in the job.

All the employees are given training for 20 days in a year spread over 25 different periods. In campus recruitment students are involved in a Group Discussion, where they will be given a topic on which the group has to deliberate, discuss and arrive at a solution or a decision which is accepted by the whole group.

A confirmed employee is entitled for 30 days of leave in a year.major research project on the comparative study on big bazaar indore (m.p.) for the partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of master of business administration session- submitted to devi ahilya vishvavidhalya indore guided by: asst prof: submitted by: ms-:priyanka karande sunil yadav roll no spec:marketing&hr vikrant institute of tech.

Download: Project report on consumer behavior at big bazaar Such perception is both at psychological and behavior levels, and it is the It also operates a consumer finance COMPRATIVE STUDY ON BIG BAZAAR The.

1 SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT AT FUTURE. The project was carried out for understanding the movement of the product at BIG BAZAAR and customer behavior regarding different product at BIG BAZAAR Allahabad BAZAAR was established in the yearthey are old player in RETAIL sector.5/5(17).

Free Essay: [pic] EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Big Bazaar is a future group company.

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In India first it was started in Mumbai in the year of and the main branch of. Report on Big Bazar DECLARATION This is to declare that our team under the guidance of Dr - Report on Big Bazar introduction.

Shekhar has completed the report work. This project is solely the result of our combined efforts and has not been submitted by anyone earlier either to. While my two month project, I was at BIGBAZAAR to find potential of BIG BAZAAR on the presence of other ultimedescente.comcal training through experts of BIG BAZAAR gave me actual input tofulfill my real report is the written account of what I learnt experienced during mytraining.

Report on big bazar
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