Nursing shortage essay conclusion

Nurse turnovers have been noted to increase when there are nursing shortages, and they have both economic and non-economic impacts. Implications for Infectious Disease. Nurses have also been trained to think critically in times of crisis and to intervene with life-saving interventions without the supervision of a physician.

Competition for these clinicians is increasing, particularly with the advent of retail clinics, which heavily employ physician extenders. Supply and Demand Nursing shortages are a predictable occurrence in healthcare. This paper will discuss two economist tools used to understand the nursing shortage.

Patients then would be going to local hospitals for elective surgeries and diagnostic testing which would cause a surge and a need for more hospital beds to accommodate the needs of patients. Leadership and Nursing Care Management 4th ed.

This paper will discuss some individual points more in detail and evaluate the nursing shortage situation from the beginning of nursing history to present day that could affect all healthcare workers now and in the future. With this new employment shift new nurses that began a nursing career as older adults are not working in the field as long and retiring sooner.

Since World War II the nursing profession had always been a female dominant profession until now, with the addition and encouragement of male nurses in the profession. Nursing schools began offering scholarships to male nursing students as a way to attract more people to the nursing profession.

Competition is expected to heat up even more with the advent of retail and work site clinics, staffed by nurses, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The supply for nurses or nursing instructors is not an overnight fix to the issue.

Nursing shortage

Three-fourths of hospital executives surveyed by HRI for this report said clinical workforce shortages are real.

In the United States alone, five significant shortages have happened in the last 50 years Censullo, Start with a descriptive title APA-style title page that captures the content of your paper. Traditionally, physicians were rainmakers who brought in revenue, and nurses were overhead.

Introduction to nursing shortage: factors influencing nursing shortage

PwC also commissioned a survey of more than hospital executives from throughout the U. While hospital leaders voice much of the concern over possible shortages, the implications extend throughout the labor-intensive, trillion-dollar United States health system.

The supply of nurses will increase when the universities and colleges provide the nursing instructors to meet the demands of the students.Nursing shortage is a phenomenon that is affecting nurses and the provision of adequate patient care in today’s health care industry.

Nursing shortage is said to occur when the demand for employment of nurses is far greater than the number of nurses willing to be employed at that time (Huber, ). - Nursing shortage According to Canadian Nurses Association(), human health resources have stated that by the end of Canada will experience shortage of 78 registered Nurses (RN) and shortage of nurses by the end of Nursing Shortage Essay - Nursing shortage According to Canadian Nurses Association(), human health resources have stated that by the end of Canada will experience shortage of 78 registered Nurses (RN) and shortage of nurses by the end of Essay Instructions: this paper is for my current issues in professional nursing course.

Nursing Shortage Essays (Examples)

This paper should include five sections:(1) introduction, (2) discussion of the issue (nursing shortage) (3) present research and /or evidence based practice to support your position (4) present impact of the issue on professional nursing (5) future implications and summary.

Executive summary Many nurses and physicians are among the baby boomers who will start to retire in the next three to five years. The federal government is predicting that bynurse and physician retirements will contribute to a shortage of approximately 24, doctors and nearly 1 million nurses.

Now that the factors of the nursing shortage have been described in detail, the next discussion will be about ways to fix the nursing shortage problem in America from the faculty shortage to .

Nursing shortage essay conclusion
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