India facing terrorism

Dec 18, Terrorism is wrongly interpreted by most in India, we always linked it to Muslims which is codswallop in my opinion.

Inshaallah, I assure you, I will show you how we can raise Rs 8, billion as tax from this very country," he had further said. So, all countries should come together in order to curb the terrorism.

Jan 23, Terrorism is not only creating disturbances in indua but also in whole world.

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Nov 18, Terrorism is just like a nuclear bomb. In order to fight against them, we should think first wisely despite the violence.

Another reason of the terrorism is lack of education among people and Corrupion also. Jul 9, India facing terrorism morning everyone. Terrorism is just created by some sane but obsessive minded people. Reuters "Time and again our nation has been subjected to terrorist violence.

Media houses describe a sustained campaign by the security establishment ahead of the 25 July election to curb their coverage. This India facing terrorism important because India had denied a similar visit by Pakistani pilgrims in the recent past.

The terrorist attack in Delhi last Wednesday is a stark reminder to us that there can be no let up in our vigilance," he said addressing the National Integration Council NIC meeting here. Althogh our country is suffering from it from many years. There are also some countries they support terrorism and providing finance to them.

Another concern is the handful of Indians who have travelled to Pakistan to join or establish new factions in recent years. So I believe that dominating other religion and to rein on the world is the main reason apart from illiteracy.

But islamic terrorism does not exists. Terrorism in India is of many types such as ethno-nationalist terrorism, narco-terrorism, religious terrorism.

The Taj Hotel in Mumbai engulfed in smoke during the November attacks. Our topic for group discussion is "Terrorism in India". Today each and every country of world is under its arms.

The state government appealed to the central government in New Delhi for support in combating this violence. Some cheap politics also add fuel to this problem which is not good for our country.

It is the black bull of human civilization. In the run-up to the elections, politicians have become a major target for terrorists. I think it is mostly happen because of political issues.

The removal of the ban on the group comes as a surprise amid international pressure on Pakistan to dismantle terror sanctuaries on its soil. Aug 26, Terrorism can be defined as the indiscriminate violence to create terror and fear in order to achieve some political, religious and ideological aim.

The govt should also make policies which could beneficial for eradicating poverty and unemployment. The 8th report on terrorism in India published in defined terrorism as the peace-time equivalent of a war crime.

One such challenge is terrorism.

Nagaland After the independence of India inthe area remained a part of the province of Assam. India is the biggest victim of terrorism since Not only India but many other countries are there who are also facing this problem like Israel.

This year four men from the northern Mumbai suburb of Kalyan travelled to Iraq to join Isis. A great number of people had lost them due to terrorism. Manipur was part of India facing terrorism afterbecame a Union Territory in It is done for political, religious and ideological reasons.

These include the remnants of the Indian mujahideen, a series of linked groups that emerged around a decade ago. If we say, terrorist, then the image of an Islamic guy sketched in their mind but is it a right way to recognizing a terrorist?

The meeting was attended by senior Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, Leaders of Opposition in Parliament, leaders of national and regional political parties among others. After several rounds of negotiations, Manipur became a full state in along with several other sister states of the Northeast.

India is also facing the same threat from old age enemy like JeM and Let. And they also trains small children s to use guns.Jul 29,  · For India, terrorism problem was in the womb and was delivered on 14/15 August whose 62nd anniversary is up for celebration in a fortnight.

The first attack was in in the then Kashmir State and many more such bouts leaving a thoroughly chewed up state in Indian Resolved.

Terrorism in India- Terrorism is the biggest facing problem till now. Many of the terrorist groups are focusing on the youth and training them to attempt these attacks. This can be controlled only when each of the terrorist group has vanished.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday admitted that India is facing a serious problem due to the menace of terrorism and that the situation is not an “imaginary thing”. Terrorism is a common threat, said Putin while agreeing with Modi on the issue during a discussion at the St.

Petersburg. New Delhi: Terming terrorism and Maoist violence as two major challenges facing the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the Delhi High Court blast was a stark reminder that there can be no let up in the vigil. Singh said everyone must unequivocally send out a message that pursuit of.

Mitra told the conference that India has had to face the scourge of terrorism, mostly originating outside its borders, increasingly over the last two decades, adding that the country’s counter. Nov 21,  · Facing Latest News and Updates, Special Reports, Videos & Photos of Facing on India TV.

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India facing terrorism
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