History of the northern fleet


More than 25 Soviet submarines did the same in the following years. Severomortsy remember and chtut the names of the hero- submariners Ivan kolyshkin, Mohammed Gadzhiyeva, Nikolai lunina, Grigoriy Shchedrin, Israel Fisanovicha, Fedor vidyaeva, the pilots Boris safonov, Ivan katunin, Zakhara Sorokin, Peter sgibneva, katernikov of Aleksandr shabalin, Vladimir Alekseyev, Sergey korshunovich, courageous intelligence officers of Victor Leonov, Sergey agafonov, Ivan katorzhny, marines Vasiliy kislyakov, Ivan sivko, Anatoliy bredov and many other unbending defenders of the Transarctic.

Naval Museum of the Northern Fleet

Two Northern Fleet submarines made a 25, nautical mile journey "around the world" actually only between the Kola Gulf and the base at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy around South America without surfacing in In the force of the submarines of northern fleet completed group round-the-world floating, after passing without the united emersion 25 thousand miles.

A Soviet landing party heading for KirkenesNorway.

Russia's Northern Fleet passes through the North Sea and English Channel

Fleet landed troops and reconnaissance detachments into the rear of enemy, formed and sent to the land front of the part of marines. The Russian Northern Fleet: Renamed the Northern Fleet init consisted before World War II of just eight destroyers, fifteen diesel-powered submarines, patrol boats, minesweepers, and some smaller vessels.

In the fleet is rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner.

Northern Fleet Naval Museum, Murmansk

During the German-Soviet War of tothe Northern Fleet defended the coastlines of the Rybachy and Sredny peninsulassecured internal and external transportation routes, and provided support to the maritime flank of the 14th Army.

On 24 June,in the victory parade participated severomortsev. Before the Soviet collapse innuclear submarines from the Northern and Pacific Fleets regularly patrolled the east and west coasts of the United Statesthe South China Seaand outside the Persian Gulf.

During September for the first time in the world in the White Sea was produced the start of ballistic missile from the submarine, while during June first PL "B " with the ballistic missiles it was accepted in the composition of northern fleet.

A naval force dedicated to the northern region was established shortly after the out-break of World War I. Eighty-five navymen of the Northern Fleet received the title of the Hero of the Soviet Union with three of them receiving the award twice. A Northern Fleet submarine made a 25, nautical mile journey around the world without resurfacing in During the subsequent years more than 25 submarines completed this passage.

Subsequent commanders were Vice Admiral G. During the period from tothe Northern Fleet grew from the smallest to the largest and most important of the four Soviet fleets.

The first Soviet nuclear submarine the K-3 Leninsky Komsomol was commissioned to the Northern Fleet on July 1,just four years after the commissioning of the first American nuclear submarine, the Nautilus. Fortification of the southern reaches of the Barents Sea during the s marked a Soviet naval strategy shift to an emphasis on bastion defense.

The patrol ship Brilliant formerly trawler Murmany was sunk by a submarine. Recognizing the need for access to ice-free harbors in the north, Russia built a modern port in Alexandrovsk today called Polyarny at the mouth of the Murmansk Fjord in In the first in the history passage of submarine of the polar into Vladivostok was realized northern by sea.

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Museum of the Northern Fleet. Museum in Murmansk. A vast collection of Soviet naval equipment makes this a must for military history enthusiasts. Alight from bus 10 at the penultimate stop, Nakhimova (Нахимова), walk on for m then turn left and it’s 80m up ul Tortseva. Details. ul Tortseva We are watching you: British Royal Navy keeps a watchful eye on Russia's Northern Fleet as it heads for the Channel on a mission to 'seize control' of.

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* Please note that the average fleet age is based on our own calculations and may differ from actual figures! Only supported aircraft types that are active with this airline are included in the calculations. Please refer to the current fleet list to. Northern Fleet - History. From the fleets of Russia northern - youngest.

If to Baltic fleet during May were carried out years, Black Sea -then northern on 1 June were carried out 69 years.

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History of the northern fleet
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