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In order to measure the victimization of Muslims a suggest research instrument that would be recommend is the use of qualitative and quantitative research. Crimes committed because of discrimination and prejudices through minorities or a particular social group are called Hate Crimes.

It is also an example of how knowledge, time and education can change the minds and hearts of the most hardened offender in hate crimes as with the case of Mark Stroman, who changed his prospective on Muslims after the surviving victim from his attack fought to save him from execution Somanader, There will be an increase in understanding on the part of the victim and the offender that will hopefully reduce the hate and increase tolerance.

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Upper Saddle River, NJ: Hate crimes are reported to be most motivated by the racial bias. Just as much as the concept of crime in general, it is very difficult to construct an exhaustive definition of hate crime.

And both have stayed steadfast and true to their religion despite the attacks. They both accept that their religion has been placed in the firing line by the action of some of the more radical believers in the religion, which is not a true depiction or representation of what the religion is about.

Partnering with local police departments would also be a way to incorporate restorative justice. To conclude, like many other groups Muslims have the right to express and practice their religion without experiencing any repercussions.

Federal discrimination laws, regulation and statutes that are full legal protection from biased motivated and discrimination crimes like the The Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of H.

By educating specific individuals and populations that ere underserved to recognize and report hate crime. Hate crimes also target religious minorities like the Arab and the Muslim Americans.

Hate crimes have various definitions in literature.

Essay on Hate Crimes Essay on Hate Crimes The society is composed of diverse people who interact with each other every day. Even though this is an argument about religion, some inequality exists in the way the Muslims are treated throughout the United States. In order to reduce hate crime in the community there must be programs that advocate for the victims and the community.

Department of Justice-Federal Bureau of Investigation. As with any other justice models there will be benefits and challenges. Hate Crime Statistics, Perpetrators of hate crimes who are members of organized hate groups believe that society should be pure and the majorities should rule that is why they should get rid of the minorities.

Victims of hate crimes are also at risk of developing mental health problems that involve anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Muslim hate crime victim who was stabbed six times in the back says he harbors no ill will against attacker.

Emerging from the labeling theory the conflict theory would best explain why this particular group would fit in theory. Researches that asses the incidence, prevalences, predictors and outcomes of hate crimes and also the effects of hate crimes on the victims should be encouraged and supported.

Criminological theory 5th ed. Criminal justice and criminology: One of the most applicable theories that could be applied to explain the victimization of this particular group is the conflict theory.

The feeling of superiority of the majority over the minorities are also a reason behind the perpetration of hate crimes. Hate crimes have two important elements that are widely accepted: Despite these advantages, the growing diversity in our population also increases the violence and the crime committed because of the prejudices and discrimination toward members of a particular social group.

Hate Crime Analysis

However because of the acts of a few individuals the entire Muslim community suffers. Hate crimes are often caused by confusion, ignorance and fear of the differences. It would also be a challenge to figure out what would break the ice between the two groups that would make understanding each other much easier.

Violent hate crime victimization often causes great risks of psychological distress stress, depression, anger than the victims of other violent crimes.

These resources could be cultural or linguistic. With one day left, Muslim ate crime victim tries to save his shooter from execution.

As we roam around the street, observe different commuters in a bus or a train and walk around the neighborhood, we would definitely notice that people are very different in many ways.

Homosexuals and Transgenders are also being victimized by various hate crime groups. Wolfe and Copeland on the other hand defined the phenomenon of hate crime as violence directed towards group people who are seen by the majority society as not valuable, who suffer discrimination in other areas and who do not have full access to political, economic and social justice.Hate crime victimization is a broad concept within hate crimes, it sheds light on occurrences and prejudice certain groups and individuals face, due to there background and identity (Chakraborti, Hate Crime Victimization, – - Statistical Tables | February 3 Number and rate of hate crimes Inhate crimes accounted for % of all.

Free Essay: Crime and Victimization Chris O’Connor Strayer University CRJ Professor Blais October 31, Dr. Carla O’Donnell discusses Rational Choice. Hate Crime Analysis; However there are many other factors that can subject to being a victim of hate crime.

This essay will aim to highlight some of these for a specific group citing specific examples of a hate crime, restorative justice models that can be applied to the group. In order to measure the victimization of Muslims a suggest.

Research on Bias Crime Victimization (CFDA No. ) A. Program Description. Overview. NIJ is seeking applications for research to examine bias crime (a.k.a. hate crime) victimization.

Bias crime is associated with more negative outcomes for victims and communities than. Hate Crime Analysis Essay Hate Crime Analysis AJS January 14, Hate Crime Analysis In current times, the most targeted group of victimization are homosexual men and women.

Teenagers have seen the most hatred when bullies out or taunt them in school because of his or her sexuality.

Hate crime victimization essay
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