Ged essay questions and answers

Use detailed examples to explain your views. What would you keep the same? You may return to the multiple-choice section after you complete your essay if you have time remaining in this test period. Each essay type will require a strong thesis Ged essay questions and answers several well-developed paragraphs.

The topic for the sample answers is: Describe your opinions on the value of higher education, and use details from your own life. Write an essay describing your own activities outside of school and work.

Did you expand on initial concepts or statements through the use of relevant examples and specific details rather than using lists or restating the same information? For this assignment, choose one of the links below. In your opinion, should schools require students to complete a minimum number of community service hours?

Both passages address this issue head on; however, the critique of police militarization published by the ACLU is the best-supported and ultimately the most convincing argument.

The writer said one thing about the topic, but did not add details and develop the idea. Essay 4 is an example of an effective or score of 4. Sample Explanation Topic 2: Do you think it is a good idea that high school students serve one year in the military before they go to college or get a job?

In your essay, write about why you chose this goal, how you plan to achieve it and how it will affect your life. Explain how you plan to achieve it. The body paragraphs cite specific examples from the passage, and then explain how those examples support the overall argument.

How well did you respond to the topic, including whether or not you shift from one focus to another? The essay was edited and mostly free of mistakes. It uses 5 paragraphs and lays out the structure in the following manner: Improve your essay answers by studying scored writing samples.

The writer uses words that are precise and add to the essay. To pass the General Education Development, or GED, essay, you must write on a level comparable to 60 percent of graduating high school seniors, according to the GED testing service.

The thesis clearly states which argument the author believes is better-supported, and the language is confident. The essay avoids any grammar or spelling errors and the sentence structure is clear and varied with the appropriate usage of commas and other punctuation.

Two evaluators will score your essay according to its overall effectiveness. Read the directions, then randomly choose a topic. If you could live in another time period, when would it be and why?

Show how the experience was important and developed your character. This is surprising and supports the idea that military-style raids have become too commonplace in society. Is it better to live in a small town or a big city?

Typical GED Essay Questions & Answers

Test-takers have minutes to plan, write and edit the essay. Each of the next three body paragraphs is well-organized, starting with transitional words or phrases and including at least one example that supports the thesis.

Private companies are ultimately designed to make money, not help the police, so police militarization poses an ethical problem. Sample Explanation Topic 1: Use your personal observations, experience and knowledge to explain your choice. Do you most admire people your own age or people older than you?

In the box are your assigned topic and the letter of that topic. Essay 2 scored a 2 or marginal. Who is the most important member of your family to you? The essay has spelling and punctuation errors. You will have 45 minutes to write on your assigned essay topic.

Clear command of the English language is demonstrated.The GED ® test covers 4 subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, and Reasoning Through Language Arts. You can take all 4 together or one at a time at an official GED ® test center when you’re ready. GED Sample Test Questions and Answers.

The GED test, administered for those seeking to enter into the job market with newly acquired skills and knowledge, is broken down into four areas of study. GED Short Answer Questions – Science The essay portion of the GED will require you to compose a short essay on a pre-selected topic.

The essay will be either a narrative, descriptive, or persuasive essay. GED RLA Extended Response: Essay Skills Chapter Exam Instructions.

Choose your answers to the questions and click 'Next' to see the next set of questions. The following is an example of a high-scoring essay response to our free practice GED Essay Prompt.

Below our GED sample essay is a brief analysis justifying its perfect score. Police militarization is a hot-button topic these days. American-College GED.

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Ged essay questions and answers
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