Discuss research into the influence that

Discuss the influence of culture on romantic relationships (8+16 marks)

This can arise from the unavailability of the parent, for instance if the parent is constantly working. But it protects participants from insurance companies, employers, police, and others. Research by Madsen supports the effects that adolescent relationships have on adult relationships.

Interactions with peers can help determine personal values, which in turn can determine how to approach adult relationships. In the UK, the population lives in predominately urban settings, by urban settings, this is an area that has been built up with skyscrapers and a large number of people.

A study which shows revelations of carrying genes linked to depression is a study by Nurnberger and Gershon Through this, individuals can gain emotional and physical intimacy which will be present in adult relationships.

Many attachment psychologists argue that early relationships with our primary caregivers have an effect on later relationships. This attachment is the strongest of them all, forming a model for future relationships, which the infant will expect from others.

Simpson et al carried out a longitudinal study across 25 years to support the effects of Parent-child relationships on Adult relationships.

The potential harm of participants due to knowledge of genetic predispositions is why genetic testing requires informed consent from the individual involved or from family members responsible for them.

Of the volunteer sample, they found that those who were securely attached as infants tended to have long lasting relationships, on the other hand, insecurely attached people found adult relationships more difficult, tended to divorce, and believed love was rare. The essay has not been graded, and Megan would appreciate feedback using the comments box below.

Although experiment into this topic cannot be carried out on human children as it carries big ethical issues and therefore conducting studies on animals is the only way we can gain an insight into certain topic areas.

Genetic research can reveal unexpected information that may harm participants Supporting Study 1: It is assumed that internal working models will lead to the development of romantic relationships consistent with the model. Kirkpatrick and Hazan claim that attachment type may not be as stable as suggested, as they found that relationship breakups are associated with a shift from a secure to an insecure attachment.

If you would like to submit your essay for review please email Related Articles. Knowledge of a genetic predisposition to depression may cause people undue stress as they may fear the onset of the disorder.

If you would like to submit your essay for review please email This essay has been submitted by Megan Bland. Money advised parents to castrate Bruce and turn him into a girl Brenda. Caregiving is also learned by modelling the behaviour of your primary caregiver, along with sexuality.

If one MZT has depression, their twin may express the self-fulfilling prophecy and demonstrate symptoms of depression as well. It was found that moderate or low dating frequency predicted higher quality young adult relationships, whereas heavy dating predicted poorer quality young adult relationships.Discuss the Influence of Childhood on Adult Relationships (8 and 16 marks) This supports the fact that childhood influences adult relationships as it shows that behaviour learnt in childhood is carried on into adult relationships and when this is bad or abusive it can ruin and adult relationships.

Discuss Research into the Nature of. Discuss psychological research into the factors that influence gender roles. There are many stereotypical ideas of how males and females should act; however it is important to consider why people conform to these and why such sex typed behaviour is present.

Discuss research into the influence of early attachment on adult relationships This essay could be an 8 or 12 mark question.

Half the marks will be for AO1 and half for AO3. Discuss research into the breakdown of romantic relationships (24) One approach to the breakdown of romantic relationships is a theory devised by Duck in Duck’s theory is a stage theory that covers both the reasons for breaking up.

Discuss research into the influence of childhood on romantic relationships (8+16 marks) Discuss the influence of culture on romantic relationships (8+16 marks) Biological Rhythms and Sleep.

May 03,  · Knowledge of research is accurate and generally well detailed. Discussion is effective.

Discuss psychological research into the factors that influence gender roles.

The answer is clear, coherent and focused on influence of early attachment on adult relationships.

Discuss research into the influence that
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