Copywriting agencies hiring copywriters

Have you written loads of successful campaigns aimed at data centre managers? As a writer, she revels in the opportunity to create vibrant original copy and rejuvenate tired text.

She has written on a range of topics, in a variety of styles, and for an array of platforms. Some copywriters work as independent contractorsdoing freelance writing for a variety of clients.

Jessica Richardson - Copywriter Jessica copywriting agencies hiring copywriters a fundamental dread of the mundane, which is reflected in copywriting agencies hiring copywriters career.


She once contacted a cereal company about a grammatical error on the box. The common denominator, and her driving passion, has always been her love of reading, writing, and editing. Dana Robinson - Copywriter Dana Robinson has been writing and editing professionally for 10 years, publishing her first article in At some point along the way, he picked up a pen and started writing and never looked back.

Jenny also spent four years as a staff writer at three regional magazines owned by national media giant Gannett. Barry, corrected every stripe of web copy for over 15 years, copy edited both fiction and non-fiction books, and written on subjects as diverse as volcanology, sword fighting, and space colonization.

Dana received her formal education at the University of Houston—Downtown, where she majored in professional writing, minored in creative writing, and was the recipient of the Upper Division Writing award for best essay. She writes on a variety of topics but loves opportunities to work on projects that cater to her keen interest in international affairs.

She has extended work experience with government medical benefits as well as Social Security law, which has allowed her to fine-tune her ability to sort through large amounts of medical records, research, and data, and turn that information into well written reports and case briefs.

Merrisa Milliner - Copywriter Merrisa has enjoyed writing since she was a kid, winning her first competition at the age of But large ones often have an entire creative department for the convenience of their clients.

A self-proclaimed editorial perfectionist, Erin once canceled a credit card because of a grammatically incorrect form letter, which she edited and promptly sent back to the company.

Kim Jackson - Copywriter Kim Jackson has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, journalism and content strategy. Stephanie worked as a staff writer and editor for The Houstonian, contributed to The Huntsville Item, freelanced for The Houston Chronicle and spent four years teaching English and reading at the junior high and high school level.

How to get freelance work from a copywriting agency

Consultants or Consulting Organizations In this information age, consultants are more important than ever. She has worked as a neighborhood news editor for the Houston Chronicle and as a copywriter for Powell Public Relations. On her return, she began applying her writing and investigative skills to the creation of marketing copy, blogs, articles, RFP, email campaigns, website content and ad scripts, to great success.

Copywriters are similar to technical writers and the careers may overlap. Do you have a degree in electronics, but decided to become a writer instead? Copywriting agencies combine copywriting with a range of editorial and associated services that may include positioning and messaging consulting, social media, search engine optimizationdevelopmental editing, copy editingproofreadingfact checkinglayout and design.

Sally Barlow-Perez - Copywriter Sally Barlow-Perez has spent 35 years satisfying her curiosity about people, places and things by writing about them. A fixer by nature, Stacy is a stickler for structure and form and enjoys a good challenge whipping a document into shape.

There are tons of ways to raise your profile on there, from participating in discussions and gathering recommendations to sharing examples of your work and connecting with potential clients observing proper etiquette, obviously.

Our professional copywriters then translate your solutions into words that your customers want to read, to be convinced of the value of your offerings. Where do you find copywriter jobs?

Studios may also need freelance copywriters for busy periods. She is in charge of new client acquisitions, customer loyalty programs, direct mail promotions, and all office administration.

She also documented crew debriefings for 17 flights. Jennifer Lacullo - Copywriter Jennifer has a background in journalism and Russian area studies.

Who hires copywriters?

Carissa is originally from Louisiana. Erin Larson - Copywriter With a Bachelor of Science in Language Arts from Georgetown University and 20 years of editorial experience, Erin brings a passion for words and well-crafted writing to every project. Douglas Paton - Copywriter Douglas Paton fell in love with words at an early age and was rarely seen without a book in his hands as a kid.

The result is a much higher conversion rate for your business. Her copywriting and journalism experience includes technical copy for Tyco Flow Control and customer communications copy for a major American credit card company.Many agency copywriters wonder if they should leave their cushy jobs behind to start freelancing.

What 10 Agencies Said about Hiring Freelance Copywriters: #SEOprochat Recap

It is especially true for those freelancers without any ties to national agencies through previous in-house work with that agency. and every bit of copywriting experience you've gained will help you along the way. Continue Reading + 10 Ways. If you are looking for a copywriting service that can help you increase sales, you’ve come to the right place!

Our expert copywriters can help you get found on the overcrowded web and spring your customers into action. The Writers For Hire is a team of Houston based copywriters, ghostwriters and editors specializing in copy for business, web, non-fiction and fiction writing.

What 10 Agencies Said about Hiring Freelance Copywriters: #SEOprochat Recap. August 27th ; But finding freelance copywriting talent is only half the battle. We also wanted to hear how agencies approached the interview process.

Copywriting Service

Hiring freelance copywriters is meant to save time, not spend more time correcting grammar. Search for Copywriter jobs at Monster. Browse our collection of Copywriter job listings, including openings in full time and part time.

Many copywriters are employed in advertising agencies, public relations firms, or copywriting agencies. Advertising agencies usually employ copywriters as part of a creative team in which they are partnered with art directors or creative directors.

Copywriting agencies hiring copywriters
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