Compare and contrast a female friend and a male friend

However, male friendships are assumed to be more stable because they view their group of friends as a team and physically engage in activites together. Also most of the time both would rather hang out with a mixture of the genders instead of all being together as all females or all males.

Men find it easier to share their feelings to their cross-sex friendships. The difference between the two in my opinion are as stated; a male can be there to give you solutions from a male point of view and his experience about a female from what he has encountered through life.

Male friends like to hide their way of expressing the truth due to the fact that they do not want to tarnish their image of trying to feel hard or tough. In order to have healthy relationships you need to have friendships with both male and female friends, but you also need to make sure that you do not spend too much time with either and to bring both genders of friends together.

Now to talk about the similarities between guy friends and girl friends, both usually enjoy doing fun things and will like hanging out with you. They are pretty funny.

Lets ask you guys, which type of friendship is valued more in your perspective. Back to the topic! In conclusion guys and girls are different in many ways. Men tend to insult each other, tell jokes, and mess around a lot more and they are just physically and verbally more aggressive than women.

Some people prefer male friends and some prefer female friends. If you have too many guy friends then you will not be able to have heart to heart conversations with people who understand what you are going through. Order now Friends a word we may hear very often, but only few know what it actually means to be a friend.

Girls tend to be more physical and enjoy hugs and will comfort you if you are sad or down. They are not emotional and usually just do stuff for the heck of it.

They are both the same, yet they are different in many ways. Guys on the other hand are a lot different from girls. The more the merrier.

They enjoy sports or even just hanging out. These descriptions on same-gender friendships may not be exactly like your friendships with the same gender as you but these differences are definitely evident in most male and female friendships.That's in great contrast to her husband.

He recently went on a fishing trip to Canada with four longtime friends. But instead of thinking of them as Male and Female relationships, I think of them as masculine and feminine.

As a male, I have both, but I lean strongly towards male relationships. but we each enjoy the other types of.

May 21,  · Guys vs. Girls As a female tenth grader in high school I find that I have two different types of friends, guy friends and girl friends. They are both the same, yet they are different in many ways. I want to contrast the differences and similarities between the two and compare them.

Ladies first. Let’s be the kind of friend we’d love to have. Let’s be a better friend. [Tweet “Male-Female vs. Female-Female Friendships”] No competition, and they’re protective of me.

Open and honest conversations that are not judgmental. And yes no drama. Check out our top Free Essays on A Female Friend And A Male Friend Compare And Contrast to help you write your own Essay. Differences between Male and Female Friendships.

Since, men and women are wired differently, this explains the differences between male and female friendships. Woman-woman frienships are definitely more intimate than man-man friendships.

Male vs Female Friends Essay

In contrast, guys tend to avoid heart-to-hearts and prefer to involve in physical activities. In.

Compare And Contrast Essay :Male Vs Female friend

Oct 14,  · Compare And Contrast Essay:Male Vs Female friend You must Compare & Contrast whether a male friend is a better model friend or a female friend is a better model friend, you must pick a side suggesting whether the male or female is better but show insight to the opposing side, I am male/5(57).

Compare and contrast a female friend and a male friend
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