A review of the giver a film directed by philip noyce

The Giver (Phillip Noyce – 2014) Movie Review

Secondly, this idea that a society might try and live without memory of the past. Lowry penned two loosely-related companion novels Gathering Blue and Messenger, with a fourth novel called Son hitting bookstores earlier this year that tied everything together in one grand conclusion.

The movie amped that up into an appropriately futuristic visual look. Look for interviews with some of the cast before then.

After some great cataclysmic event, which changed the world, we find ourselves in a future society that has tried to avoid all the conflicts that almost might have led us to the brink of destruction in the past.

And while Thwaites has visual appeal, he struggles to give us the layered, conflicted hero this film needs. It had been developed for 20 years almost by Jeff Bridges and then for 15 years by Nikki Silver in partnership with Jeff Bridges, so I was very much a johnny-come-lately to the project.

The Giver on the other hand, by remaining swamped in script development hell for more than a decade, falls in the trap of having to follow those acts and by trying to ride their wave not only fails at doing the novel justice but most importantly wastes a precious opportunity to distinguish itself from them as the superior story it actually is.

This is a throwback tale. Lois, how did you feel seeing these kids older than your adolescent protagonists, who are discovering things like desire and raging hormones?

I probably was of some help, but it was gratifying to have my opinions sought, sometimes have my advice followed and sometimes have it ignored and rightly so. In retrospect, I wish it were, I wish I could go back and rewrite it and put it in because it is so beautifully done. Everything is under control.

I want to ask about the black and white thing, because the most recent trailer was very striking because of that. Every person is assigned a role in the community.

Phillip Noyce in Early Talks to Direct Adaptation of THE GIVER Starring Jeff Bridges

The film does a decent job at setting all this up and painting a clear picture to convey how bleak that scenario would be if it were true.

Now and then I would hear from Jeff Bridges, but my life never hinged on whether that book became a movie.

It has certain advantages and certain disadvantages. So Lois kept a pretty close eye on what we were doing. They are assigned jobs, such as birthing or looking after babies, who are then assigned to suitable couples. What I hoped would be retained was the spirit, the heart of the book, the innocence and potential of the boy, and the relationship of the boy to the old man.

The story and character influences everything. Yeah, yeah, the screenplay has been in development all those 11 years. I knew that going in. The basic story of the book is exactly the same story. Lois, what was your reaction to how you felt when you finally saw the movie?

If anything, the film introduces us to the breakthrough talent of Australian native Thwaites who proves to be much more than just pleasing to the eye.

Phillip, how much of that decision is the desire to attract a demo that gives the movie the chance to succeed? All the other changes that we made?Aug 14,  · Director Philip Noyce's decision to (mostly) avoid the slam-bang action scenes or banal romance of other blockbusters is laudable.

The film starts in black and white and gradually earns color in relation to the protagonist’s arc. Not an original trope that for instance a film. For The Giver, Director Phillip Noyce (Salt) attempts to bring a new level of complexity and filmic vision to the young adult movie genre - with Pleasantville-like visual flair and an award-winning children's novel source material (authored by Lois Lowry).

Yet, for every beautiful juxtaposition of mono and polychromatic imagery - or compelling glimpse into.

Interview: Director Phillip Noyce Tackles Science Fiction with The Giver

Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) is a teen on the cusp of maturity (a more bankable age bracket than the book’s year-old).He has friends, minds his parents and manners, and is going to be assigned a.

Beyond that, director Philip Noyce introduces stirring montages to simulate the rush of fresh knowledge, illustrated by brightly colored images of.


“The Giver” is closely based on the award winning novel by Lois Lowry and is a twenty year labor of love for Jeff Bridges. His performance as the Giver is Oscar worthy. Meryl Streep again delivers a remarkable performance proving again that she is capable of understanding anyone and becoming them.4/5(K).

A review of the giver a film directed by philip noyce
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