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Popular Fiction IR Verdict: Doyle has a gift for suspense and for seamlessly inserting medical matters into this excellent novel without slowing it down. In this well-done series of short stories, Joseph Rotenberg displays that rare skill of being able to write convincingly in first and third person and avoids the temptation of showing off such skill to the detriment of the stories; instead the reader benefits from his examining ethnic identity from a variety of angles.

Read the full review here. He is equally good on machine gun-like dialogue. Khubiar fulfills the demands of the thriller genre in getting readers to turn the page, while at the same time educating them in the mysteries of Judaism. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform.

Author Penny A readers look into best books captivates the reader with a razor-sharp depiction of small town life in this heartbreaking tale of sin and remorse, love and loss. Read full review here. The achievement of Eric Haggman is that when he does note the setting of this fast-paced adventure novel, it meets the demands of true noir: Author Philip Wilson has taken a tired old genre and breathed new life into it by giving what has been a male superhero fantasy to a female, and a desk-bound one at that.

SIZE ZERO is an excellent thriller that takes the reader on a nourish ride through the fashion world of drug-taking hopelessly anorexic models and the corporate fashionistas who control them.

The best book we've read all year: Guardian writers and readers look back

The hot romances, off-beat memoirs, the cool science fiction, fantasy and YA—worlds created and envisioned by one person, the indie author? Young Adult IR Verdict: The novel flows and is difficult to put down.

Science Fiction IR Verdict: Lynch may start off as a Twilight spoof, but quickly establishes itself as a breezy, fun read, complete with thrills, humor, and romance.

Literary Fiction IR Verdict: Without being maudlin, Dun shows characters that can redeem themselves after hitting rock bottom.

Modern Library 100 Best Novels - The Readers' List

Then find a cozy chair, take a few cleansing breaths and try to relax, because who knows what has in store? And every year they all pretty much feature the same titles.

Frank Marcopolos delivers drama and humor in a poignant story about a college baseball player looking for a way into the big league.

In this excellent tale of a reluctant Israeli assassin put back into harness, S. Visgilio does an excellent job of making a confused—and, at times, not so likeable—young man, a sympathetic protagonist one can empathize with and care about. What about the indie titles?

If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. Short Stories IR Verdict: Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site.IndieReader's Best Reviewed Books of Scott Semegran's BOYS features short stories filled with unexpected nuances that draws readers right into the heart of his well-developed characters.

The best book we've read all year: Guardian writers and readers look back At the end of a wonderful literary year, we reflect on the books we’ve enjoyed most innew or not.

The page is a reading list sharing the best books to read in various categories based on many hours of reading and research. You’ll find more than good books to read, organized by category. This is a reading list for people who don’t have time for unimportant books.

I only list the best books to read in each category. by James Clear. A gathering place for booklovers of all ages. East Napa St. Sonoma, CA, () Local Joanell Serra has written her debut novel and our Sonoma audience will best recognize the truth behind this romantic tale of wine, family, and family history.

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A readers look into best books
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